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Fitting instructions


Important: Allow plenty of time for fitting … don’t rush.

Read through the instructions fully before you start. If you have any questions, please email us before you start.

You will need a pair of scissors, some masking tape, a tape measure and a spirit level (or a spirit level app on your smartphone).

Ensure that the wall is clean, smooth and dry. The decal will not adhere to rough, damp or dusty surfaces.


With the edge of the supplied plastic applicator, rub the back of the sticker to ensure the tape is firmly adhered to the sticker.


Decide on the position and measure if necessary. Using a spirit level, check that the sticker is aligned correctly on the wall.


Use masking tape to temporarily fix the corners and make a ‘hinge’ for the sticker. Stand back to visually check alignment.


Remove the tape from one edge. Carefully fold the sticker back on itself without creasing it.


Very carefully, peel the backing paper away. The sticker should remain on the application tape.


If any part of the sticker remains on the backing paper, carefully press it back onto the application tape.


When you have removed the backing paper almost as far as the hinge, trim it off with a pair of scissors.


Using the ‘hinge’ as an alignment aid, carefully stick the sticker onto the wall. Apply pressure with the plastic applicator.


Place a piece of masking tape adjacent to the top edge as a guide. Remove hinge and fit the remaining part of the sticker.


Carefully peel the application tape back on itself, leaving the sticker adhered the wall.
Be especially careful with small or detailed parts of the sticker. If any part of the sticker starts to lift, press it back down.
Stand back and admire your work!
Inspect the sticker to make sure it has fully adhered to the wall. If you have accidentally creased part of the sticker or there are any edges that have lifted, use a hair dryer to apply a small amount of heat. Press down and hold your finger on the affected area for a short while.

If the wall is clean, smooth and dry, you shouldn’t have any problems.

When the time comes to remove the sticker you will need to apply a small amount of heat with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Lift the edges and peel away carefully.



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